Eyelashes for cars – The website and mould is for sale. Owner now retired

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) is a “worldwide” business and 

The owner is now retired.

If you would like to start your own Car Eyelashes business… The (one off – unique) master polypropylene  injection mould is for sale for £2500. This mould is kept at the factory that produces our unique brand of car eyelashes in the United Kingdom.  This mould cost £7000 (Over US$10,000) to create and is only available to someone in the UK or Europe. It is very heavy, so you can either pick – up or leave with the manufacturer and simply order the car eyelashes whenever you need more stock.

Also included (free of charge) is

Stock can be ordered direct from the manufacturer and all the special 3M double sided attachment tape can be ordered from any 3M supplier worldwide.  You may also RE BRAND the lashes to your own company if desired. 

Questions or to purchase the mould – email here

Please note – This is not available to anyone in the USA or Canada as “Carlashes TM” hold a patent for their own brand of “carlashes”  in those countries.



Black BMW white 13




and BELOW is what the competitions eyelashes look like after a few weeks….


After 50mph drive... eyelashes !!! Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun


eyelashes for cars ultimate pack

Eyelashes for cars are cool

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Start a UK Removal Business

Start a UK Removal Business


Start a UK Removals business

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BLACK – eyelashes for cars are currently out of stock

We need to advise, the black eyelashes for cars are now out of stock. 

We do still have some Pink and White lashes available but as the Eyelashes for cars website and company is being sold, we cannot say when the black lashes will be back in stock.

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Car Eyelashes Mould is for sale

Start your own Car Eyelashes business in the UK or Europe. This mould is unique and the owner is now retired and living abroad. Cost to make was £7000 (Euros 8000) and is for sale for only £5000. This is a unique design and nothing like all the other car lashes on the market. Better even than Carlashes in the USA as we have compared our design to theirs and theirs are very plain and boring and are even produced in China !

This mould is very heavy and can be picked up at the plastics factory or you can order the car eyelashes, as and when you need them. Min production run is 500 lashes but the more you order the cheaper they are.


Interested – contact me here

This is NOT available to anyone in the USA or Canada.

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The Car Eyelashes Ultimate pack is out of stock

Due to a problem with suppliers the Car Lashes Ultimate pack is out of stock. We still have the Black and Pink and White car eyelashes but the tape and the crystal diamond eyeliner is running low until a new delivery arrives. A new Big Bike Thailand motorbike website has opened and can be found here. They are gonna stock Car eyelashes for Big Motorcycles in Thailand.cropped-x-colage-of-cars2.jpg

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Car Eyelashes – ULTIMATE pack – Now Only £42 (Was £55)

Car Eyelashes – ULTIMATE pack –  Now Only £42 (Was £55)

This is our best selling deal and includes

1 x Black set of Eyelashes for cars

1 x Pink set of Eyelashes for cars

1 x Exotic pink eyeliner

1 x Crystal diamond eyeliner

1 x set of spare tape for transferring the lashes to another car.

eyelashes for cars ultimate pack

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Eyelashes for cars – Special Offer – ONLY £10

Eyelashes for cars – Special Offer – ONLY £10

These Translucent – Eyelashes for cars are an end of line SPECIAL OFFER.

They were originally sold for £24.95 as “Glow in the dark” lashes
but they seem to have weakened their night time glow.

The colour is translucent (a pale white)

Very limited stock so grab a bargain while you can


We believe they are the best quality and designed

Eyelashes for cars in the world …

Try to prove us wrong ! 


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Car Eyelashes are not all the same

One thing that must be understood when viewing car eyelashes or eyelashes for cars is that there are mainly two different types of Carlashes.

The pictures more or less all look the same on the internet and the rouge traders who sell the very cheap and flimsy car eyelashes use pictures of the high quality eyelashes for cars in their advertising and own websites. The problem only arises when YOU the customer orders the car lashes and in the post comes the FLAT CHEAP CURL YOURSELF CAR EYELASHES!

After 50mph drive... eyelashes !!! They don’t last long and are complete rubbish.

Cheap Chinese import car lashes

Cheap Chinese import car lashes

Now if you want a really nice set of Eyelashes for car headlights – you need to get the pre curved and strong injection molded car eyelashes that last for years and years and can even be transferred to your next car (all you would need is some extra double sided attachment tape available as a stand alone item) You can click here to buy the real eyelashes for cars SHOP HERE


car eyelashes double sided tape

car eyelashes double sided tape

They will look like like this.

Swimming Pools Thailand

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Eyelashes for cars – New Year Sale

2016 is upon us and we at Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are having our greatest ever sale to help all the Car Eyelashes lovers get their cars spruced up for the new year ahead. Be seen with some sexy black carlashes on your car or how about the elite white car eyelashes

Real car Eyelashes

Real Car eyelashes from only $19.50 while stocks last

The really classy lookers can get GOLD EYELASHES FOR CARS or even the SILVER CARLASHES in fact if you order the BLACK CAR EYELASHES you can spray them with any color you choose. (Just make sure you attach the double sided tape before you spray them, as this will ensure a very strong bond between the lashes and the tape. If you attach the tape to the spray paint… It will not be a strong bond and the lashes will come off) 

What color car eyelashes

So click here or on the picture above to enter the CAR EYELASHES SHOP


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Car Eyelashes – Buy 2 get an extra set FREE

Buy 2 sets of Eyelashes for cars  (any colours) and get a 3rd set (Black set) completely FREE of charge.

This offer has ended    Click Here to enter the shop

Grey BMW car eyelashes 1

What about an Ultimate pack – ONLY $ 64 Special offer this week

means you save US$8.20 or (£5.40)

eyelashes for cars ultimate pack

Sell a boat – Buy a boat – See Living on a boat

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