Review of Lashes4cars

This is a UK company that has come onto the car eyelashes scene recently

Lashes4cars have the most blatant misleading Google description ever…

They claim

High Quality Car Eyelashes That Will Last. Do Not Buy Cheap Equivalents

1. They are the worst quality you can find… !

2. They do not last longer than a few weeks before they droop and look horrible.

3. They are actually two sets of the cheapest equivalents that are stuck together!

lashes4cars actual lashes

So come on all you Lashes4cars customers …

send us your POSITIVE or negative review…. Post it here.

Lashes4cars    2 out of 10 

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10 Responses to Review of Lashes4cars

  1. malcolm says:

    DO NOT BUY … These are crap to say the least.

  2. mary says:

    Chinese rubbish re hashed and stuck together. and really expensive at £14.00 you can get 2 sets on ebay for a five and they do the same thing.

    • David Wostock says:

      Hi Mary, i know what you mean they are a rip off. Ebay have so many people selling them for £3 or even 4 pounds but why bother, they are all rubbish. never seen the carlashes ones but they do look nice.

  3. Sara says:

    I bought lashes for my car 6 months ago from and they are great. Better quality, cheaper, better packaging and better customer service than the others. Those of you making negative comments are obviously competitiors of theirs who are using this forum to attack them. How very sad you are!!!!

    • acernetx says:

      Well done Sara, good to hear from someone who is positive about Lashes4cars however, it sounds like you actually work for them yourself!

      • Martine says:

        Dont work for them, I am just delighted with them. And all these idiots on here slating them are just sad, bored, morons!!!!

      • acernetx says:

        Interesting… so people who buy the lashes from this company and feel completely ripped off are sad boring morons… Maybe you will get some interesting replies…

      • acernetx says:

        Well the pre curved eyelashes for cars are definitely better as we personally stopped selling the curl yourself lashes as soon as we saw a set of the injection molded lashes. We were so impressed with the quality and lasting curves that we designed and started to produce our own. now we get lots of re orders which never ever happened when we sold the old thin lashes.

  4. Wensleydale says:

    Thank you! I originally purchased the eyelashes from eyelashes4cars in the US and very was disappointed. They sent these very cheap vinyl lashes that you have to curl yourself.

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