Get 3 sets of Car Eyelashes for the price of two deal now ended

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are offering a great Christmas deal and you can get 3 sets of car eyelashes for the price of two.

There are so many companies selling the rubbish Chinese lashes now on ebay and amazon that it is getting hard to determine which ones are the good long lasting car lashes and which ones are the thin vinyl ones that don’t last long at all.

There is only one way to find out the difference and that is to get one of each set and physically compare them as even by looking very closely, they all look the same in the photos because the companies selling the cheap lashes are using stolen photos from the genuine eyelashes for cars websites…

The major problem the market  faces is that, once a customer has purchased a set of the Cheap Chinese lashes… They become very despondent and do not buy car eyelashes ever again because they obviously think they are all rubbish. In actual fact they have absolutely no idea that top quality lashes even exist. The people selling the cheap lashes are incredibly short sighted and stupid as they never get any re orders and are simply KILLING the goose that lays the gold eggs.

The fact is  that there is a huge demand out there for car eyelashes and the whole market place would grow much faster if people were getting good value for their money with strong and long lasting lashes that they recommend to their friends etc. Nobody is going to recommend the Chinese rubbish as they look really terrible after a few weeks.

So the eyelashes market is being constantly shot in the foot by the greedy sellers that are only interested in selling cheap and quick thin vinyl lashes that they get for less than a dollar and sell for up to $20 !!! Some sell for less that $5 and aim for a higher turnover but how stupid… cos they are just flooding the market with crap.

The Genuine lashes are selling for between $20 – $30 from EFC (Europe) and Carlashes SA  sell them for $45 so it is plainly obvious that

1. Customers do buy and prefer quality lashes and

2. the seller can make more money if only they could see that selling the cheap lashes is a dead end and will eventually do more harm than good.

Check out the prices for wholesale car eyelashes here


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