Mini with eyelashes for cars

What do you think of this mini with eyelashes for cars on?

mini with eyelashes 2



mini with eyelashes for cars

A little bit over the top for this one I think.

But then again it does make the mini with eyelashes a bit more exotic and will definitely turn heads, that’s for sure. What would you do if you saw a min with eyelashes around the headlights? I think I would most certainly stare and maybe even get my camara out and take a few pictures. I mean, how many times do you see a car with eyelashes let alone a beautiful mini all done up in pink and white with star dust or is it powered by pixie dust  (I can’t remember). So how about all the eyeliner around the lights too. It has pink and diamond and there are also several sets of lashes around the lights also. Looks like white eyelashes at the bottom with smaller pink lashes over the top of them. And at the top it has black eyelashes with long pink eyelashes over the top as well. So that’s four sets of car eyelashes around each headlight.

mini with car eyelashes 2

Now at the back of the car we have more pixie dust to make it go faster !!! and also a heart shaped exhaust pipe fitting. The pink and white color scheme look nice and this is a real show car for sure.  I suppose the wheels are the only things on the car that needs accessorizing and again pink and white would look more suitable and the tyres could even be glossed up too. The lashes were supplied by who are the main manufacturer of eyelashes for cars (Europe)


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2 Responses to Mini with eyelashes for cars

  1. Ang Leyba says:

    How do they get those “pixie dust” on the white mini? Are they applied or painted on?!

  2. Marcus says:

    Of course not… the pixie dust comes from the night fairies who only leave it on nice peoples cars.

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