Review of Eyelashes 4

Here we have another company that has started selling the cheap and sad Chinese  car lashes  that you have to bend into shape yourself for an incredible  $16.99 … OMG. We actually thought that this has to be the most blatant rip off of the year. But NO… The TOP PRIZE for selling the cheapest lashes for the most money in 2013 so far, goes to  Coco-beach – an incredible  £19.95 ( US$32)  = 3200% profit ! (We will be doing a review on them next week) LOL.

Well done Coco beach … You are the scam artist of the year so far 🙂 These are the same lashes available all over ebay and amazon from $3 – $14 and cost less than $1 to buy at wholesale.

Chinese car lashes wholesale cost

Chinese car lashes wholesale cost

The profit mark up is a massive 1600% and no wonder Eyelashes 4 cars offer a money back guarantee…  as the profits will far outweigh any returns… but we are not sure how easy that would be to get your money back as we have not tried to claim a refund as yet.

Genuine Eyelashes for cars DO NOT HAVE TO BE CURLED like the cheap ones below

Below are the curling instructions as advertised on their site

Eyelashes 4 cars instructions

Lets have some comments from other customers who have purchased these car eyelashes from eyelashes4cars in the USA.

Eyelashes4cars –   1 out of 10       very poor

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4 Responses to Review of Eyelashes 4

  1. josephine michels says:

    in recently purchased lashes for my car from they are a cheap worthless product! i live in phoenix az and when i applied these lashes to my cars our temperatures were only in the mid to upper 80’s. both sets melted down over the headlight by the 3rd day. i would not suggest anyone in arizona buy these lashes as they are a complete waste of money. their 100% satisfations guaranteed is as useless as the product they sell.

  2. Dodie Bruening says:

    Two weeks ago I purchased these, put them on as per the instructions, waited two days to druve and the lashes on these cheap knockoffs broke off in less than 20 miles at speed of less than 55 mph-what a rip off–don’t waste your money on anything from Eyelashes4cars–Trash,Trash,Trash

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