Review of Pixie Lips Car Lashes

This is a review of Pixie lips who sell mainly Pink car lashes and accessories for the girls and or guys if they are that way inclined. They sell eyelashes for cars and are curved in Pink, White and Black. Gold and other colors are available by asking on their website contact box. They are a British company and say that the car eyelashes were featured on TV in a program called “A great night out”. They send the eyelashes for cars to worldwide destinations and have a very nice pink website.

The car lashes are very good quality and are made in the UK by Transglobal Distribution and nothing like the poor quality lashes that come from the Chinese Republic, Taiwan and Korea. They come with the fixing tape and the packaging is of the special Pixie Lips Branding  for Pink auto accessories. Shipping times are very fast and usually about 2 days inside England Scotland and Wales. The rest of the world are sent by standard airmail and takes between 4-5 days for Europe and about 1 week to the USA and Canada.

The car eyelashes are very durable and have a very nice design with the Pink lashes being the most dominant seller and very popular due to the nature of the website. The other accessories include pink steering wheel covers, pink rear seat hooks for bags and things, sun flower decals and Rose and daisy stickers.

Pixie Lips 8 out of 10  

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