Review of Carlashes

Here we have the company that claim to have invented Carlashes,  and many people have asked the owner for the patent application number but none has ever been answered in the last 2 years.  Many companies are now promoting their own style of car eyelashes and getting a patent on “all” eyelashes for cars (or even false eyelashes for people)  must be impossible because a company only has to change the basic design slightly and you have a different product.

Carlashes for example have only patented their own design / shape and trading name. For example: Could you patent a car headlight so nobody else could manufacture and sell any headlights… ? of course not. All cars have different headlights from slightly different to very different  But no one company can say “we invented the car headlight” so nobody else can make them… Well that is exactly what Carlashes tries to do !

The fact is car eyelashes have been around for a very a long time and have been seen in many Disney cartoons and we believe the earliest seen on an actual car was in 1966 on  the Lamborghini Miura  below.

car lashes on muira

car lashes on muira

There are now many manufacturers around the world making car eyelashes however, the majority are based in China. Carlashes tm are also made in China as you will see when they arrive. They have a made in china sticker on them !!! The quality of the lashes is very good and they are curved and last a long time. The style is a bit plain and they are a little bit too big in our opinion as are the crystal eyeliner they sell… very big and gaudy..

The lashes they make are probably the most expensive in the market place and they have distributors in S. Africa and also have managed to get into the UK market via a large car accessory chain called Halfords who sell them for an extortionate £29.99!   Carlashes is their trade mark and trading name and they sell from $26.99 to $46.98 with the bling eyeliner. (prices correct at time of writing) This makes them the most expensive car eyelashes in the USA. There is another version of the car eyelashes being supplied by MP lashes in the USA (review coming soon) and the shape is virtually identical to the Carlashes. These weird coloured lashes are also coming from China and in many different colours like green and yellow and blue and purple… Very tacky in our opinion but there are so many weird and wonderful people out there, someone needs to cater for their strange taste in style.

Carlashes – 9 out of 10 

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