Car eyelashes direct review

Today we are going to doing a Car eyelashes direct review who have been in the market for about 18 months and sell the pre curved lashes that are manufactured in the UK. These are the best on the planet and can hold their own against Carlashes and all the other makes that are all made in China or Taiwan and shipped over to be re branded. The quality of Car eyelashes direct is the best you can get anywhere and they sell the lashes in various colours. Black being the most sought after followed by Pink and then White and Gold.

The 30 day money back guarantee that car eyelashes Direct offer is another thing about the company that makes them a leader in the car lashes market. The reason they can offer the guarantee is because the lashes are so strong and do not melt in the sun or fly off on motorways. They say that the satisfaction guarantee is virtually never claimed as everyone who orders car eyelashes from them are 100% happy. Well when you see the competition, it is like comparing a VW beetle to a Ferrarri. They may be both cars but the performance and quality are totally opposite.

They also claim that “the only way the lashes can fly off the car whilst driving is because they were not affixed properly”. There are several videos on You Tube on how to fit the car eyelashes and the most important thing by far is to make sure the area you are going to stick them to is really clean and free from any debris, dirt, wax or water. The 3m tape used is incredibly strong and nothing comes close to the strength of adhesion when they are applied. But, and it is a big BUT… if they are not stuck onto a clean and dry headlight or whatever, the adhesion will obviously not work. The special tape actually works by releasing the strong bonding chemicals when “pressure” is applied to the tape. So again, when the lashes are positioned on the lights, one must press down very hard to activate the bonding process and then preferably leave the car overnight before driving.

Car eyelashes direct have even had several campaigns with Wowcher and a few other web based marketing companies where they sell the lashes for a specific time at a discount.


Car Eyelashes Direct – 10 out of 10 


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