New White Car Eyelashes back in stock

Blue BMW car eyelashes in White

Blue BMW car eyelashes in White

The demand for the new white car eyelashes has been amazing and all the people who back ordered them have now received them as priority customers. The latest White eyelashes for car headlights are a very clean ICE WHITE and look incredible on Black or Dark coloured cars.

Check out the picture of the metallic blue BMW on the shop page to see how stunning they look. We also have a Facebook page where you can upload your pictures of your new lashes on your car and also interact with other fans. The fan base is truly worldwide and we have a lot of pictures from cars in the Far east especially Thai;land as they absolutely love them in the land of smiles.

The Gold and Silver lashes are really the ultimate in style and look great on virtually all kinds of autos and even motorbikes believe it or not! Check out our Facebook page here and you will see a great pic of pink lashes on a Harley…

So to order your new white eyelashes for cars, you can see them in the shop here.

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2 Responses to New White Car Eyelashes back in stock

  1. Jenny says:

    hi does the eyelashes arrive already curled or do you have to curl them yourself i have wasted loads of these because i cant curl them right please let me know kind regards

    • acernetx says:

      Yes we understand Jenny, Eyelashes for cars are pre curved and keep their shape because they are injection molded from polypropylene not cheap thin vinyl.

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