How long do the lashes last?

A typical question we get asked is, how long do the car eyelashes last or stay on the car? The answer is a very long time if you have attached them to a clean and dry headlight. The car in the article below (the white ford) has had the lashes on for over 18 months now and that car is in Thailand where it gets really hot! You don’t see any of the cheap car eyelashes out there in the far east as they cannot withstand the sun and the extreme heat.

Eyelashes for cars are made to last and are extremely durable. Even after a year of more you can take them off your car and re apply them to your new car. (Just use a hairdryer to heat the bond before trying to pull them off. They tape we use is very strong and although does not damage the paintwork, it holds the car lashes very firmly. There is only one issue when someone complains that one flew off on a motorway… and that is … they were not attached to a clean dry surface.

The way to attach them properly is really simple and an alcohol cleaning pad is supplied with the lashes to make sure there is no dirt or wax between the tape and the bonded surface. The lashes themselves are made from a very strong material called polypropylene,. It is the same material as car bumpers and plastic bags. It would also be important to note that very few tapes actually stick to polypropylene so Eyelashes for cars (Europe)  have to use a special tape manufactured by 3M and this tape is available as an added extra if you decide to change your car and want to keep your lashes.

You can check out all the colours and car eyelashes available in the online shop and there are also some really nice crystal diamond eyeliner add ons to make the lashes really sexy.

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