Cheap (Chinese) Car lashes in extreme temperatures

We have had a couple interesting emails lately from two independent customers who had purchased the “really cheap car lashes ” and were really unhappy and disappointed in them due to the droop factor when using them in the heat and the big question about, will the car eyelashes be OK in extreme cold weather like up in Canada and Alaska.

With the heat in hot countries, the cheap lashes always droop like the picture below

Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun                   cheap car eyelashes 102

Cheapo’s drooping in the sun                    Cheap lashes after a few weeks

Because they are made from very thin vinyl they do not have the strength to stay up in hot environments. Even in the UK, we had a similar situation when we tested the cheap car lashes. We found that even the heat from the car engine made the lashes droop on one side of the car only. The other side was OK for a while and then it looked like picture no 2 above!

So it is very obvious why people who have a bad experience with the cheap carlashes very rarely go out and buy car eyelashes again. The main reason is that they “think” all car eyelashes are the same. They have no idea that there are very good quality eyelashes for cars available. Yes they do cost a bit more but even the sellers of the cheapo lashes charge $14.00 and even $19.99… by using the stolen pictures of the Genuine car lashes on websites like this blog and other sites that sell the good quality injection molded eyelashes for cars.

Extreme cold weather is another question asked.

The cheap lashes do not droop but they still go out of shape after a few weeks. The main thing to understand with any eyelashes that you fit to your car or truck is…

They need to be fitted in a garage or you must not fit them if the temperature is really cold or snowing etc. The reason is the special 3m double sided tape needs to be attached at room temperature for the special bonding process to work effectively. After applying they must then be left for a good few hours for the bonding process to complete. This is the same for the genuine eyelashes for cars and the cheapo lashes (they both use the special 3m automotive double sided tape)

If they are not fitted correctly, because or the extreme cold or the surface you intend to stick them to is not clean…. They will fly off as soon as you start to drive fast or hit a freeway… you will see one of them fly past your window never to be seen again!

Genuine Eyelashes for cars

Buy Eyelashes for cars

So if you are thinking about getting some lashes for your car, truck or motorcycle… make sure you get the Genuine Eyelashes for cars from EFC (Europe) that last for years and can even be taken off and replaced onto your new car.

Available from this website

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