Car eyelashes on TV again

Again a national TV program in the UK “A Great Night Out” was showing a vehicle with amazing car eyelashes on and it looked stunning. The reaction to the program caused a rush of sales and interest as more and more people become aware of the latest way to personalize their cars. The same happened a while back when they were featured in TOWIE a program all about Essex girls and guys.

Because of the beautiful curved design with the unique ridges along the length of the EFC (Europe) brand of car eyelashes they can be recognized anywhere as they do not droop or bend back whilst driving. Probably the best car lashes in the world and made from high quality polypropylene in several colours. Black and Pink are the most popular with White, Silver and Gold also in great demand.

The girls who adore attention are in for a treat when they put the lashes on their cars as the attention they create goes through the roof. Imagine people taking pictures and smiling every time you go out… it’s like being a celebrity.

Totally stylish and fit around nearly every type of headlight… Eyelashes for cars are her to stay and have made a massive contribution to car drivers perception of how to enhance their new cars. Although most men roll their eyes at the sight of a car with eyelashes zooming by, they do love the idea of getting them as gifts for their wives or girlfriends and about 30 % of all orders come from the guys.

If you have ever seen a Black car with the Gold car lashes on you will agree that they really do make the car stand out in the crowd. below is my own BMW X5 with the Gold Car eyelashes attached…  The looks we get when driving dome the motorway are unbelievable. Virtually every car that sees us is the talking point of the driver and passengers. In fact the cameras come out and people are smiling and waving all the time.

X5 with Gold car eyelashes

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