White car eyelashes

So here we have a black convertible with white car eyelashes and a beautiful white leather  interior.

white car eyelashes

I think you will agree that they look really stunning and make the car extremely attractive and sexy. Most people look at the lashes with dismay when they see a car go past wearing them. Although the colors are varied, the white car lashes look really sophisticated and cool. Because they are pre curved and molded from the best materials (polypropylene) in the UK they always hold their shape and do not break off link many of the cheap eyelashes for cars available on the internet for a few $$. You most definitely get what you pay for when it comes to genuine eyelashes for cars vs the thin car lashes manufactured in China. With the thin carlashes, they arrive in  a flat envelope and you have to get two sticks or pencils and curl them yourself. Basically they look awful because it is nearly impossible to get the same curl on every lash.

The real and genuine Eyelashes for cars are totally different and it is like comparing a Jaguar to an old Skoda or Gucci  handbag to a cheap department stop handbag. The only way to tell the difference is by the weight and shape (see the postage charges as that sometimes is a clue to what you will be receiving) It costs £3 ($4.50) to post genuine car eyelashes and only £1 or $1.50 for the cheap thin ones. Unfortunately, the rouge companies selling the thin vinyl lashes from China use stolen pictures of the genuine eyelashes for cars to sell them. So don’t be fooled by the pictures on their websites or wherever cos they will be sending you a much more inferior product.

If they are not already curved to the shape and look like the Black Pink and White lashes on this page in the sidebar they will not last long. They are basically a novelty product that last a few weeks but are a throw away version of the real thing.

For a simple short 2 min video on how to fit the car eyelashes click here.

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