Are Pink car eyelashes are most popular?

So what do you think about cars with Pink eyelashes? 

Many girls prefer pink eyelashes on cars because they are more feminine and can be classed as more sexy. The black car lashes are still the best sellers over a period of a year but the pink lashes are very close behind with about 45% of sales vs the black. In August the most popular color was Pink and they may even be taking over from the masculine but also very cool and sexy black lashes.

! Resized mini


Minis look the most stunning with car eyelashes round the headlights but the Black lashes also look great on the mini as the picture below shows really well.

!NEW Red mini car eyelashes  061


So what about cars with square or different shaped lights…

Here we have an nice white Ford

Black eyelashes for cars on a Ford

Black eyelashes for cars on a Ford

And here we have one of our favorites the BMW with white car eyelashes

Grey BMW car eyelashes 1

Lets not also forget one of the first cars in the world to build eyelashes around the headlights.

The Lamborghini Miura back in 1971 we believe was the very 1st car in the world to use car eyelashes.

images  6355728553_43c45d7056_z



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