Where can I buy car Eyelashes?

There are many websites selling car eyelashes but the ones you find on most of the internet outlets are from China and are very poor copies of the real thing. Genuine Eyelashes for cars come pre curved and are not available in shops. They are made from a very strong material called polypropylene that is resistant to rain, hot and cold weather and strong winds. We have seen car eyelashes on cars for nearly 2 years and they are still looking sexy and like new. The main problem with anyone who has had the car eyelashes come off is the fact that they were not attached to a dry, clean and wax free surface. The bond between the genuine eyelashes for cars and the headlight or paintwork is incredibly strong when the surfaces are cleaned with the alcohol pad that removes residue dirt and wax and supplied with the car eyelashes.

So the answer to the question of Where can I buy car eyelashes? is easy www.eyelashes-for-cars.com 

They are not yet available in shops or car accessory outlets  but there are some distributors in several European countries and re sellers are welcome to email us for our wholesale price lists and shipping costs.

What are the best colors to choose? We think Black is always the best color but it does also depend on what color car you are driving. If you have a Black car, then you may prefer to have white car eyelashes or Gold lashes look really nice.

X5 with Gold car eyelashes

Gold car eyelashes on a Black BMW X5

Grey BMW car eyelashes 1. watermark

White car eyelashes on a metallic blue BMW

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