Eyelashes on cars for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Now all guys have to go through the same thing every year. What on earth can you buy her that is a bit different? Now what girl does not like attention? not many and the most amazing smile you will ever see is when she comes out in the morning and sees that someone (ie YOU) have put car eyelashes around her headlights!

Black Fiat with pink carlashes


I promise you she will love them and Eyelashes on cars make the perfect Christmas gift.

If you are not sure what color to get her then just order the EFC (Europe) Ultimate pack which contains 2 sets of car lashes (Black and Pink), 2 sets of eyeliner (Exotic Pink and Crystal Diamond) and even a spare set of the special 3m double sided tape so she can transfer the car eyelashes to another car… What more could a girl ask for on Christmas day. She will go wild with excitement and you will be the man of the moment.

Take her out on the town for a spin in your newly blinged up car and watch the smiles, attention and reactions you are going to get.

The car eyelashes eyeliner is also available as an added extra or a stand alone product.

car eyelashes Eyeliner in Crystal Diamond  car eyelashes Eyeliner in pink

Crystal Diamond Eyeliner and Exotic Pink – For use with Eyelashes for cars.

The Ultimate pack from EFC (Europe) is the best deal and is an amazing Xmas present

Eyelashes for cars Ultimate pack 2

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