Eyelashes for cars are on SALE !!!

We have been looking at the market for all the different types of Car eyelashes and cannot believe all the companies selling the cheap Chinese (rubbish, curl yourself lashes) for incredible prices! They seem to be getting away with their misleading advertising by pretending to be the same as the Genuine Eyelashes for cars. They use stolen pictures and or show their product (pre curled) on a car so as it looks like the real thing.

However, customers are 9 times out of 10 really disapointed when their car lashes arrive because they are so thin, cheap and nasty.

So how can you tell if what you are buying is the real deal… ?

Very simply, make sure they are pre curved and made from injection moulded polypropylene.

Also is the shipping is £3 UK or $7.00 to USA then you are probably getting the real thing.

The genuine Eyelashes for cars have to be shipped as a small parcel due to their curved shape and weight. The cheap car eyelashes available on ebay and amazon are sent in an an A4 size large letter envelope and are very thin and cost about £1 or $2 to ship.

The Eyelashes for Cars SALE is continuing into the new year as more and more people are becoming very AWARE of the differences of the lashes available.

Genuine Black or Pink Eyelashes for cars (RRP £18.95 – US$31)
are now ONLY £14.95 or US$24.50

White, Gold or Silver are down to ONLY £18.95 US$31 (RRP £24.95 – US$41)


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