Fitting car eyelashes around headlights

There are always a few people who ask the question how do you attach carlashes to the headlights so they don’t come off easily in the wind and rain and adverse weather conditions.

The car eyelashes can either come with the special double sided tap already attached to the lashes so all you do is peel off the backing paper and stick them on. Or the double sided tape comes separate with an alcohol cleaning pad.

car eyelashes double sided tape

car eyelashes double sided tape

The easiest way of fitting car eyelashes around headlights is to firstly (and this is the most important part of the whole process) CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the area you intend to stick the eyelashes to. This could be the glass headlight edge, the chrome around the edge of the headlight, the paintwork around the edge, the bonnet edge (if you are fixing to the bonnet. If the area you try to attach the lashes to is not totally clean and dry… and free from wax or dirt or dampness… NOTHING will stick to it.

So use the alcohol cleaning pad (usually supplied with the car eyelashes when purchased) or some other solution to clean the area and then stick the double sided tape to the headlight or paintwork. Then peel off the second piece of backing tape and attach the Car eyelashes. Very important – the next step is to press down very firmly to make the bond between the double sided tape, the car eyelashes and the headlight rim. Pressing down firmly activates the chemicals in the tape and starts the bonding process. It takes about an hour for the bond to be approx 70% complete and 24 hrs to be real strong. It is best to apply the lashes in a warm (not freezing cold) environment and try to leave overnight before driving the car.

Check out this short video to see how easy it is.

The special tape used to attach the lashes is incredibly strong and we have seen cars with the lashes still attached after 18 months and they are still stuck on really firmly. The beauty of the genuine eyelashes for cars is that they can be taken off your car when you decide to sell it and reattached to your new car. All you need to do is order some of the special double sided attachment tape. Available as an optional extra here.

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