Are the Cheap car eyelashes worth it?

The question is – Are the cheap car eyelashes worth it?

Some people would say yes but most of the reviews we have seen say no way. There are loads of reviews on Amazon.

Cheap car lashes instructions

With all the cheap car lashes you have to curl them because they come flat and are simply thin vinyl. The don’t last long and as you can see here they also break.

After 50mph drive... car eyelashes !!!                                    Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun

After 50 mph drive car eyelashes !!!       Cheap-car-eyelashes-melted-in-sun

So take your pick – cheap lashes or the pre curved Eyelashes for cars available from several genuine Car Eyelashes suppliers. The good lashes are also on Amazon and Ebay but you just have to watch out for the misleading ads and pictures. If you do get conned into buying the cheapy lashes, just send them back and demand your money back. It really is hard to tell the difference just by looking at the pictures as the rouge companies use the genuine Eyelashes for cars pictures to sell their inferior products.

Just take a good look through this blog and you will find lots of examples of the genuine lashes for cars. Also if you go to Youtube you can see many videos of the car eyelashes.

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