Videos of Car eyelashes

Have you seen the new videos of car eyelashes for cars on you tube. A couple have been posted below in this blog so you can see Sandie in Hawaii receiving her car eyelashes for the first time and then another video of her putting them on her truck.. Great looking truck now. See also the video review from Australia and how they show the difference between the thin flat car lashes and the real and genuine pre curved car eyelashes as seen in pictures all over this site. You really have to look very closely at the pictures of the car eyelashes on the websites of companies selling the flat lashes because not only do they use stolen pictures but they pretend they are selling the pre curved lashes. Also check out the Amazon reviews in the last posting. There is a link to some of the testimonials of people who were mis-led and conned by believing the pictures they were shown before they bought.

There are also some interesting posts and comments on

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