Pink or Black Car eyelashes? – That is the question.

The hardest thing to decide when looking for car eyelashes is what color do you want to buy for your car? Black or pink are the most popular but there are many other colors to choose from also. How about WHITE car eyelashes ? They look stunning on black cars…

Nissan Quashi Eyelashes for cars

Nissan Quashi Eyelashes for cars

Black BMW white 13

Then you could try Pink eyelashes for cars on a black car

pink eyelashes for carsIf you are unsure what color to buy then we suggest the black eyelashes for cars as they will look beautiful and any car. Eyelashes are normally black and stand out on any light colored car. So pink or black car eyelashes or do you go for a more exotic color. How about Gold car eyelashes on this BMW X5

X5 with Gold car eyelashes

Then we have the really sexy looking silver eyelashes for cars that are very popular with the fashion queens that relly want to stand out in the crowd.


Mercedes silver car eyelashes

Mercedes silver car eyelashes


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