Curved eyelashes for cars

Why are some car lashes flat and some are pre curved? The pre curved eyelashes for cars are injection molded and keep their nice shape in all weather and conditions. The flat car eyelashes are the thin vinyl type that are sold all over the internet for a few dollars. The flat ones are also very thin so when driving at speed they bend back and many people report in reviews on Amazon and ebay that they damage or scratch the paintwork of the cars hood / bonnet.

This really does not make any sense to get cheap car eyelashes and then have to curl them yourself, as the instructions suggest. They are very hard to make each lash all the same shape so do not look very nice at all when fixed to the car headlights. The curved car eyelashes however are very different as they attach to the headlight rim and protrude out and upwards, just like real eyelashes. Take a look at the picture below of the white eyelashes for cars on a metallic blue BMW. You can see how sexy they look and how all the lashes are the same shape and how the white lashes give a really nice clean look to the car. The Black car lashes also look really good on a BMW but give it a more sultry dominating look.

Banner Grey BMW car eyelashes 1 small


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