Eyelashes on this car still looking great after 2 years

We received this email from Paolina Dekkers

Hello I bought eyelashes for my car a couple years ago and they are still perfect!! I even changed my car and now it looks even better…  thank you !

2 years

Car eyelashes from (EFC Europe) are probably the best designed and superior quality lashes for cars available anywhere in the world. Carlashes in the USA claim that all other companies sell “fake” lashes… ! Well the truth is there are many different brands and styles of car eye lashes just as there are many different brands of cars, mobile phones and virtually every other kind of product! The amazing thing about Eyelashes for cars is that all the customers are so happy with their lashes and many have told us they are really happy and have never seen such good quality lashes anywhere else.

Most people who don’t know the difference usually end up purchasing a set of eyelashes for car headlights from one of the many suppliers of the flat thin Chinese carlashes that you end up having to try to curl yourself. They come off easily, flap back and can scratch the paintwork and also look terrible. They then see a car go by with some really beautiful lashes on and start to realize that not all the car lashes are the same.Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun  <<< These are the cheap flat Chinese imported type of car lashes being sold everywhere!

car eyelashes double sided tape

These are the Genuine  pre curved, injection molded Eyelashes for Cars from EFC (Europe)

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