Black Eyelashes for cars – £10.00 – till 17th Dec

Black Eyelashes for cars – £10.00  ends at midnight on 17th Dec

This is a once only special offer so you can get a set of the very best Car Eyelashes in the world from EFC (Europe) for less than $14 (£10.00)

OMG this is the cheapest EVER and will never again be repeated…..

Stock up now or become a distributor or just get a load for XMAS presents for all the girls in your life. The PINK lashes look amazing on the GAY communities cars.

XMAS Promotion – Ends Wed 17th DEC


for only £10.00 

Here is the link for the SPECIAL OFFER

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2 Responses to Black Eyelashes for cars – £10.00 – till 17th Dec

  1. danette tiller says:

    how are these lashes glued on? do you furnish the glue with instructions?

    • acernetx says:

      The lashes are attached with very strong 3m double sided tape. Yes the tape comes with full instructions and we have several videos on youtube… showing you how to do it.

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