Are Eyelashes for Cars (Europe) the Best in the World?

Out of all the car eyelashes available from the many suppliers there are very few that come even close to the style and quality of Eyelashes for cars (Europe).

We have researched the worldwide market
and there are basically two types of car lashes. 

  1. The strong long lasting pre curved lashes that last for years
    There are basically 3 suppliers of these
    Eyelashes for cars (Europe)
    Carlashes (USA)
    Various other companies selling a similar product
    produced on mass in China
  2. The cheap and cheerful paper thin vinyl lashes that flap around and bend back and basically are used for a few weeks and then thrown away.The most expensive are Carlashes but the best quality and for style and looks are Eyelashes for cars (Europe). Carlashes are also made in China although they don’t like to advertise that fact. EFC (Europe) are manufactured in the UK and can even be sprayed any colour the customer chooses. So if a customer wanted a specific colour lashes to match their car or a two tone set… all they need to do is get some Plastikote spray paint and they can create the perfect lashes for their car.
Below are the thin – curl yourself lashes available everywhere – ebay – Amazon and many websites



And the lashes below are the real and Genuine Eyelashes for cars (Europe)


BUT – Carlashes tm would have you believe that anything other than the “Carlashes” brand are FAKE!

What a load of RUBBISH –

  • How many different makes and models of cars are there?
  • How many different makes of phones (that all now look like the iphone)  ?
  • How many companies are selling fake eyelashes for women?
  • How many different designs and shapes of ANY product in the market are there ?

But Carlashes CLAIM that any other design to their own are FAKE…!

Are they from another planet ! 

How many companies and brands are out there that make and supply the millions and millions of fake eyelashes for women…  It is totally ludicrous that one company can claim to have this monopoly on Eyelashes for car headlights…. Especially when there are so many different designs and shapes  of cars and phones and Car accessories and  eyelashes for women etc. etc.  !

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