Car Eyelashes with FREE Eyeliner

Special Offer this week only – Ends 22nd Jan 2015

Any set of Car eyelashes – Black or Pink  purchased this week will receive a free set of exotic pink eyeliner value £7.95. This set of car lashes with eyeliner usually retails at US$34.30 (£21.95) but for the next few days you can get a set for only £14.95 (US$18.82) Conversion of currency will fluctuate slightly as the markets are continually in flux but on average you will save about $11 dollars.

Eyelashes for cars Ultimate pack 2

Click the picture to go to the special offer

Buy Eyelashes for cars

Please remember that these are the real and genuine long lasting and PRE CURVED Eyelashes for cars from EFC (Europe) the best brand of car eyelashes available anywhere in the world today. If you buy the flat lashes from ebay or amazon you will be extremely disappointed to lay the least as they (the companies selling the cheap lashes) all pretend they they are selling the good lashes…..  and to be perfectly honest, looking at the pictures they use to sell the rubbish lashes are fairly convincing. However, when you receive them in a flat envelope in the post and have to try to curl each individual lash with 2 sticks !!! Your smile will quickly drop and you will know immediately you have been conned..

The best lashes for cars are the strong pre curved injection molded ones and will last you for many many years to come because they are the best quality eyelashes for car headlights available on this planet.

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