New Car eyelashes Shipping details

We are now shipping to outside USA and Europe via normal airmail (without tracking) and tracked and signed for mail. The shipping costs are a bit more for tracked mail but this will eliminate all the lost in the post issues we have had in the past.

The car lashes are a nice curved shape so do not fit into a standard A4 envelope like all the other cheap flat eyelashes for cars available in the marketplace. Because of their curved shape they cost more to send and are shipped as a small parcel via Royal mail tracked and signed. This usually takes about 4 days but because of Customs and the Border control systems … occasionally they get stopped for inspection and then it can take a while longer.

car eyelashes on peugeot 206 002 watermarked

The best car eyelashes are only available from EFC (Europe) and they come with a 30 day money back Guarantee. (The money back guarantee is for the return of any unused lashes in their original condition – does not include any return of postage amounts either way. Just the cost of the lashes themselves) If the lashes have been used (ie. attached to a car, then that does not qualify for a refund) Some people buy them as gifts and the recipient does not want them or they are the wrong color or whatever reason..


To order the best looking car eyelashes in the world – Check out the EFC shop here

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