Car Eyelashes are not all the same

One thing that must be understood when viewing car eyelashes or eyelashes for cars is that there are mainly two different types of Carlashes.

The pictures more or less all look the same on the internet and the rouge traders who sell the very cheap and flimsy car eyelashes use pictures of the high quality eyelashes for cars in their advertising and own websites. The problem only arises when YOU the customer orders the car lashes and in the post comes the FLAT CHEAP CURL YOURSELF CAR EYELASHES!

After 50mph drive... eyelashes !!! They don’t last long and are complete rubbish.

Cheap Chinese import car lashes

Cheap Chinese import car lashes

Now if you want a really nice set of Eyelashes for car headlights – you need to get the pre curved and strong injection molded car eyelashes that last for years and years and can even be transferred to your next car (all you would need is some extra double sided attachment tape available as a stand alone item) You can click here to buy the real eyelashes for cars SHOP HERE


car eyelashes double sided tape

car eyelashes double sided tape

They will look like like this.


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