Eyelashes for cars – The mould is for sale. Owner now retired

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) is a “worldwide” business and 

The owner is now retired.

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) is a “worldwide” business and the owner is now retired.

If you would like to start your own Car Eyelashes business…

The (one off – unique) master polypropylene  injection mould is for sale for GBP £2500.


The unique mould is kept at the factory in the UK that produces our unique brand of car eyelashes.  This mould cost £7000 to create (approx US$10,000) and is only available to someone in the UK or Europe as it is very heavy, so you can either pick – up or leave with the manufacturer and simply order the car eyelashes whenever you need more stock.

Websites and URL’s are now discontinued but the buyer may take over this wordpress blog site free of any charge

Stock can be ordered direct from the manufacturer and all the special 3M double sided attachment tape can be ordered from any 3M supplier worldwide.  You may also RE BRAND the lashes to your own company if desired. 

Questions or to purchase the mould – email here

Please note – This is not available to anyone in the USA or Canada as “Carlashes TM” hold a patent for their own brand of “carlashes”  in those countries.

Black BMW white 13




eyelashes for cars ultimate pack

Eyelashes for cars are cool

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