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The car eyelashes are all made in the UK and are sent by 1st Class post or Airmail to Europe, USA and the rest of the world. We offer a 30 day money back Guarantee for any unused lashes that can be returned or exchanged for a different color. The most popular colors are Black and Pink but recently we have had a lot of orders for the White eyelashes for cars and mainly from the USA and Canada. It seems like they United States, Canada and Brazil love the style and high quality of the car eyelashes we make and are ordering more and more every month. It is becoming a fast growing trend to make your car stand out from the crowd with various colors or Car lashes. There are also a few other colors available in the shop – Silver and Gold,

If you want to have some really admiring glances and smiles then get some lashes on your ride and just cruise around and watch the looks you get from women, children and they guys just roll their eyes cos they just cannot believe what they are seeing. Give your car a serious and uplifting makeover by adding the eyelashes and show that it too has personality.

Several TV shows have featured the car eyelashes from Towie (The Only Way is Essex) in the UK to CNN and other chat shows in the USA and they have even been featured on Dragons Den in Canada.

How to Fit the Car Eyelashes to your car

The example below is fitting to a BMW but the process is the same for all cars.