What color car eyelashes for this car?

What color car eyelashes

Well we just cannot decide on the right color for the car eyelashes on this car. I think the pink eyelashes for cars would be a bit too bold but then the black carlashes may be a bit dull.. Please send in your comments and we will see what most of the car eyelashes fans think. The car is an amazing concept car and would look superb with the car lashes on driving around the streets of LA.

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New Car eyelashes Shipping details

We are now shipping to outside USA and Europe via normal airmail (without tracking) and tracked and signed for mail. The shipping costs are a bit more for tracked mail but this will eliminate all the lost in the post issues we have had in the past.

The car lashes are a nice curved shape so do not fit into a standard A4 envelope like all the other cheap flat eyelashes for cars available in the marketplace. Because of their curved shape they cost more to send and are shipped as a small parcel via Royal mail tracked and signed. This usually takes about 4 days but because of Customs and the Border control systems … occasionally they get stopped for inspection and then it can take a while longer.

car eyelashes on peugeot 206 002 watermarked

The best car eyelashes are only available from EFC (Europe) and they come with a 30 day money back Guarantee. (The money back guarantee is for the return of any unused lashes in their original condition – does not include any return of postage amounts either way. Just the cost of the lashes themselves) If the lashes have been used (ie. attached to a car, then that does not qualify for a refund) Some people buy them as gifts and the recipient does not want them or they are the wrong color or whatever reason..


To order the best looking car eyelashes in the world – Check out the EFC shop here

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Car Eyelashes with FREE Eyeliner

Special Offer this week only – Ends 22nd Jan 2015

Any set of Car eyelashes – Black or Pink  purchased this week will receive a free set of exotic pink eyeliner value £7.95. This set of car lashes with eyeliner usually retails at US$34.30 (£21.95) but for the next few days you can get a set for only £14.95 (US$18.82) Conversion of currency will fluctuate slightly as the markets are continually in flux but on average you will save about $11 dollars.

Eyelashes for cars Ultimate pack 2

Click the picture to go to the special offer

Buy Eyelashes for cars

Please remember that these are the real and genuine long lasting and PRE CURVED Eyelashes for cars from EFC (Europe) the best brand of car eyelashes available anywhere in the world today. If you buy the flat lashes from ebay or amazon you will be extremely disappointed to lay the least as they (the companies selling the cheap lashes) all pretend they they are selling the good lashes…..  and to be perfectly honest, looking at the pictures they use to sell the rubbish lashes are fairly convincing. However, when you receive them in a flat envelope in the post and have to try to curl each individual lash with 2 sticks !!! Your smile will quickly drop and you will know immediately you have been conned..

The best lashes for cars are the strong pre curved injection molded ones and will last you for many many years to come because they are the best quality eyelashes for car headlights available on this planet.

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www.CarEyelashes.info – domain and website FOR SALE

The domain name and website www.careyelashes.info is for sale –  £2500 – USD$3800

Car eyelashes . info

Website For Sale with full ongoing support.

This website just needs to get back onto the 1st page of Google with some SEO.

Established in 2012 – 15,800 hits to date Jan 2015 

Eyelashes for cars and car eyelashes get – about 6000+ searches per month.

If you can do your own SEO then you could get lots of sales!!!
Has had many sales in the past (all through the PAYPAL gateway) but as I have several other car eyelashes websites and blogs and need to off load a few so as I can focus more on my main website.  Contact me here if interested

There is a virtually no competition for the QUALITY and GENUINE Eyelashes for Cars but you will find that 95% of all the other websites….  are selling the rubbish Flat Chinese lashes … Whoever takes on this website will be working directly with the manufacturer of Eyelashes for cars (Europe) who produce the best Car Eyelashes available — anywhere in the world. Contact us for wholesale prices…

Will accept £2500 – USD$3800 

This website is also listed on ebay and other places so we reserve the right to remove this listing at any time.

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What is missing on this amazing car?

Here we have one of the most stunning cars ever produced in the history of the world… The Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari_512_TR_-_001The question is … WHAT is missing – ? 

The next obvious question is… What color?

But we would say the CLASSIC BLACK Eyelashes for cars

What do you think?


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Are Eyelashes for Cars (Europe) the Best in the World?

Out of all the car eyelashes available from the many suppliers there are very few that come even close to the style and quality of Eyelashes for cars (Europe).

We have researched the worldwide market
and there are basically two types of car lashes. 

  1. The strong long lasting pre curved lashes that last for years
    There are basically 3 suppliers of these
    Eyelashes for cars (Europe)
    Carlashes (USA)
    Various other companies selling a similar product
    produced on mass in China
  2. The cheap and cheerful paper thin vinyl lashes that flap around and bend back and basically are used for a few weeks and then thrown away.The most expensive are Carlashes but the best quality and for style and looks are Eyelashes for cars (Europe). Carlashes are also made in China although they don’t like to advertise that fact. EFC (Europe) are manufactured in the UK and can even be sprayed any colour the customer chooses. So if a customer wanted a specific colour lashes to match their car or a two tone set… all they need to do is get some Plastikote spray paint and they can create the perfect lashes for their car.
Below are the thin – curl yourself lashes available everywhere – ebay – Amazon and many websites



And the lashes below are the real and Genuine Eyelashes for cars (Europe)


BUT – Carlashes tm would have you believe that anything other than the “Carlashes” brand are FAKE!

What a load of RUBBISH –

  • How many different makes and models of cars are there?
  • How many different makes of phones (that all now look like the iphone)  ?
  • How many companies are selling fake eyelashes for women?
  • How many different designs and shapes of ANY product in the market are there ?

But Carlashes CLAIM that any other design to their own are FAKE…!

Are they from another planet ! 

How many companies and brands are out there that make and supply the millions and millions of fake eyelashes for women…  It is totally ludicrous that one company can claim to have this monopoly on Eyelashes for car headlights…. Especially when there are so many different designs and shapes  of cars and phones and Car accessories and  eyelashes for women etc. etc.  !

Send us your comments 


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Black Car Eyelashes offer ends at Midnight 17th Dec

Black Car Eyelashes offer ends tonight at midnight – ONLY £10 = Shipping

but the 3 for 2 offer is still on until 23rd Dec.

All you need to do to get a FREE BLACK SET OF CAR EYELASHES for your headlights is to click here and order 2 sets of ANY color Car lashes and you will also get a third black set free of charge.

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Black Eyelashes for cars – £10.00 – till 17th Dec

Black Eyelashes for cars – £10.00  ends at midnight on 17th Dec

This is a once only special offer so you can get a set of the very best Car Eyelashes in the world from EFC (Europe) for less than $14 (£10.00)

OMG this is the cheapest EVER and will never again be repeated…..

Stock up now or become a distributor or just get a load for XMAS presents for all the girls in your life. The PINK lashes look amazing on the GAY communities cars.

XMAS Promotion – Ends Wed 17th DEC


for only £10.00 

Here is the link for the SPECIAL OFFER

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Special Offer for Xmas 2014 – Black and Pink Car Eyelashes

Special Offer for Xmas 2014 –  Black and Pink Car Eyelashes

What better present for the girls in your life than a set of Eyelashes for cars as the Christmas present this year…  We know they will be absolutely delighted and will love you forever… Women dress up and wear make up to be noticed… Their cars are also a fashion statement for them and you can see by all the little things they add to their cars that they want to be individual and most of all be noticed.. so are car lashes the answer?

Car eyelashes are probably the most bold way of saying “look at me and my car”. They are the ultimate in dressing up the cars and come in a variety of colors Black, Pink, Gold, Silver and White with crystal diamond eyeliner or exotic pink eyeliner as well!

Special Xmas offer – BUY 2 sets and get a 3rd set FREE 

So you can get 3 sets of lashes to give away as Christmas presents for the price of two. Shipping is only $1.50 extra for the 3 sets saving you about $25 on the black and pink car-lashes or about $37 if you order the Gold or Silver lashes

Click here to go to the Eyelashes for cars shop

x Colage of cars2

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Eyelashes on this car still looking great after 2 years

We received this email from Paolina Dekkers

Hello I bought eyelashes for my car a couple years ago and they are still perfect!! I even changed my car and now it looks even better…  thank you !

2 years

Car eyelashes from (EFC Europe) are probably the best designed and superior quality lashes for cars available anywhere in the world. Carlashes in the USA claim that all other companies sell “fake” lashes… ! Well the truth is there are many different brands and styles of car eye lashes just as there are many different brands of cars, mobile phones and virtually every other kind of product! The amazing thing about Eyelashes for cars is that all the customers are so happy with their lashes and many have told us they are really happy and have never seen such good quality lashes anywhere else.

Most people who don’t know the difference usually end up purchasing a set of eyelashes for car headlights from one of the many suppliers of the flat thin Chinese carlashes that you end up having to try to curl yourself. They come off easily, flap back and can scratch the paintwork and also look terrible. They then see a car go by with some really beautiful lashes on and start to realize that not all the car lashes are the same.Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun  <<< These are the cheap flat Chinese imported type of car lashes being sold everywhere!

car eyelashes double sided tape

These are the Genuine  pre curved, injection molded Eyelashes for Cars from EFC (Europe)

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