Eyelashes for cars – New Pricing for the Autumn

Check out the new reduced prices for all Eyelashes for cars and Car Eyelashes from EFC (Europe) …. Black and Pink are now only £14.50 that’s only $24. The Gold, Silver and White lashes are also reduced as is the Ultimate pack – (perfect gift set for she who must be noticed)

The Ultimate pack consists of:

1 set of Black eyelashes
1 set of Pink  eyelashes
1 set of Crystal Diamond Eyeliner
1 set of Exotic Pink eyeliner
1 set of extra 3m double sided tape
(for transferring to another car)

Eyelashes for cars Ultimate pack 2

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Curved eyelashes for cars

Why are some car lashes flat and some are pre curved? The pre curved eyelashes for cars are injection molded and keep their nice shape in all weather and conditions. The flat car eyelashes are the thin vinyl type that are sold all over the internet for a few dollars. The flat ones are also very thin so when driving at speed they bend back and many people report in reviews on Amazon and ebay that they damage or scratch the paintwork of the cars hood / bonnet.

This really does not make any sense to get cheap car eyelashes and then have to curl them yourself, as the instructions suggest. They are very hard to make each lash all the same shape so do not look very nice at all when fixed to the car headlights. The curved car eyelashes however are very different as they attach to the headlight rim and protrude out and upwards, just like real eyelashes. Take a look at the picture below of the white eyelashes for cars on a metallic blue BMW. You can see how sexy they look and how all the lashes are the same shape and how the white lashes give a really nice clean look to the car. The Black car lashes also look really good on a BMW but give it a more sultry dominating look.

Banner Grey BMW car eyelashes 1 small


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Pink or Black Car eyelashes? – That is the question.

The hardest thing to decide when looking for car eyelashes is what color do you want to buy for your car? Black or pink are the most popular but there are many other colors to choose from also. How about WHITE car eyelashes ? They look stunning on black cars…

Nissan Quashi Eyelashes for cars

Nissan Quashi Eyelashes for cars

Black BMW white 13

Then you could try Pink eyelashes for cars on a black car

pink eyelashes for carsIf you are unsure what color to buy then we suggest the black eyelashes for cars as they will look beautiful and any car. Eyelashes are normally black and stand out on any light colored car. So pink or black car eyelashes or do you go for a more exotic color. How about Gold car eyelashes on this BMW X5

X5 with Gold car eyelashes

Then we have the really sexy looking silver eyelashes for cars that are very popular with the fashion queens that relly want to stand out in the crowd.


Mercedes silver car eyelashes

Mercedes silver car eyelashes


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Pink car eyelashes video review

Check this out for the latest design of the Pink car eyelashes from Eyelashes for cars (Europe)


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Buy two sets of car Eyelashes and get a third set FREE

Here is a very special offer as we have a few rare sets of Glow in the Dark eyelashes for cars to give away.

Buy two sets of eyelashes for cars and we will send you a special GLOW in the DARK set FREE.

This promotion can end at any time as we only have about 10 sets of the Night Glow lashes left.

Click here to get the offer


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Sandie gets her Car Eyelashes in Hawaii

Now here is the second video where Sandi has put them on her truck.

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Videos of Car eyelashes

Have you seen the new videos of car eyelashes for cars on you tube. A couple have been posted below in this blog so you can see Sandie in Hawaii receiving her car eyelashes for the first time and then another video of her putting them on her truck.. Great looking truck now. See also the video review from Australia and how they show the difference between the thin flat car lashes and the real and genuine pre curved car eyelashes as seen in pictures all over this site. You really have to look very closely at the pictures of the car eyelashes on the websites of companies selling the flat lashes because not only do they use stolen pictures but they pretend they are selling the pre curved lashes. Also check out the Amazon reviews in the last posting. There is a link to some of the testimonials of people who were mis-led and conned by believing the pictures they were shown before they bought.

There are also some interesting posts and comments on www.facebook.com/eyelashesforcars

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Are the Cheap car eyelashes worth it?

The question is – Are the cheap car eyelashes worth it?

Some people would say yes but most of the reviews we have seen say no way. There are loads of reviews on Amazon.

Cheap car lashes instructions

With all the cheap car lashes you have to curl them because they come flat and are simply thin vinyl. The don’t last long and as you can see here they also break.

After 50mph drive... car eyelashes !!!                                    Cheap car eyelashes melted in sun

After 50 mph drive car eyelashes !!!       Cheap-car-eyelashes-melted-in-sun

So take your pick – cheap lashes or the pre curved Eyelashes for cars available from several genuine Car Eyelashes suppliers. The good lashes are also on Amazon and Ebay but you just have to watch out for the misleading ads and pictures. If you do get conned into buying the cheapy lashes, just send them back and demand your money back. It really is hard to tell the difference just by looking at the pictures as the rouge companies use the genuine Eyelashes for cars pictures to sell their inferior products.

Just take a good look through this blog and you will find lots of examples of the genuine lashes for cars. Also if you go to Youtube you can see many videos of the car eyelashes.

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ENDS 24th Jan 2014 – Genuine Black Car Eyelashes

Here we go with another special offer from the European manufacturer – Eyelashes for cars (Europe). A set of genuine Black car eyelashes for only £7.99 (Normal price is £15.95 so be careful to click the special offer link on their website)


Eyelashes for cars manufacture car eyelashes in several colors but the special offer is only for the BLACK CAR EYELASHES and could end at anytime! They are doing some marketing tests and are only running the special offer till 24th Jan 2014.

Real car Eyelashes

Real Car eyelashes

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Car Lashes or Eyelashes for cars ?

What do you think of the new video?

Car lashes or Eyelashes for cars is what a lot of people are wondering….

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